A new behavioral model of rational choice in social dilemma game


In this article, we show that how human decision makers behave in interactive decisions. We interpret
the players’ behavior with help of the concept of hyper-rationality. These interpretations help to
enlarge our understanding of the psychological aspects of strategy choices in games. With help of
this concept can be analyzed social sciences and society based on cognitive psychology approach such
that human society can be understood easily and predicted more fluently. In addition, we introduce
a new game in which there is a dilemma that this dilemma occurs in most societies. We investigate
this dilemma based on the claim that each player is hyper-rational. In this dilemma, a weak trust
has been created between players, but it is fragile. In many cases, our study provides a framework
to move towards cooperation between human decision makers.

Game theory; Decision making; Rationality; social dilemma game

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